Nucleus Vision Launches Real-Time Dashboard for Offline Retailers

The dashboard gives quick & easy access to key retail metrics in real-time and helps retailers enhance the in-store customer experience.

Nucleus Vision has launched a dashboard for brick-and-mortar stores to access actionable customer insights provided by the company’s proprietary IoT technology. Using the dashboard, retailers can precisely measure the key performance indicators, including footfall trends, average dwell time, conversion rate, basket size, campaign efficacy, and revenue. The dashboard helps retailers in the Nucleus Vision ecosystem to enhance the customer experience in their physical stores.

Real-time personalized communication in the store plays a major role in turning new customers into loyal customers and retaining customers. By using smart analytics engine, Nucleus Vision allows retailers to analyze shopping behaviour of customers and assign a unique RFM score to each customer. Based on the score, Nucleus Vision segments customers into various categories including New, Repeat, Loyal, Churned, High propensity to churn. This segmentation helps retailers run targeted campaigns and to increase a loyal customer base. Also, retailers can track and monitor the performance of these campaigns from the dashboard itself.

Watch this demo video to explore the dashboard:

Nucleus Vision levels the playing field for brick-and-mortar stores with e-commerce platforms, bringing unprecedented customer insights. The company is making progressive steps to take offline retail to the next level.

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